This is the website of Jeta Grove Foundation, a non-profit organization created to steward funds donated to help with the establishment of a Theravada Buddhist forest monastery in the Northeast U.S., specifically a branch monastery of the monastic community of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho. This became a reality in March 2015 with the purchase of a property in Temple, New Hampshire: Temple Forest Monastery.

Jeta Grove was formed when it became clear that supporters’ long-expressed wish for a monastery in New England could become a reality, and that a tax-exempt non-profit organization would be needed in order to handle the financial aspects of the project – as the monastic community (the ‘Sangha’) are prevented by their vows from having legal control over money. Jeta Grove accepts donations and manages the finances of the monastery and the board members work closely with the monks to manage expenditures according to the Sangha’s needs.

Much more information can be found on the monastery website:


More about the related monastic community can also be found on the websites of Abhayagiri and Amaravati Monasteries, and the portal site for other Western branches:

Abhayagiri – About 

Amaravati Monastery



The monastic directors of the project are: 

Ajahn Jayanto

Ajahn Anando

The directors of Jeta Grove Foundation are:

Eric McCord – President

Gloria Taraniya Ambrosia – Treasurer

Barnes Peterson – Clerk

Anna Meigs

Tom Bassarear