A Letter from the Board

Dear Friends,

The board of directors of Jeta Grove Foundation is happy to announce that our efforts to purchase a property suitable for a forest monastery in New England have been bearing great fruit. 

You may recall that as a first step towards establishing a Northeast U.S. monastery, Jeta Grove invited two monks, Ajahn Jayanto and Venerable Caganando, and an attendant to stay for three months in the Boston area from July to October 2013. Interest and support proved high and the effort moved forward. As good fortune would have it, Jeta Grove found a suitable property for the establishment of a monastery in Temple, New Hampshire (near Peterborough). In July 2014 we began renting part of this property while working towards its purchase. At that time, three monks—Ajahn Jayanto, Ajahn Anando and Venerable Saddhammo—took up residence there.

We are now in a good position to purchase this beautiful, secluded, yet accessible 242-acre property. The purchase price is $1.62M. We want to let you know that through the generous donations of lay supporters such as you, we are now around $200,000 away from the amount needed to meet both the 80% required to close on the property plus estimated closing and associated costs. We hope that donations or pledges of private loans will help us move forward. Of course, being able to present the full purchase price at the closing would be an amazing accomplishment. That would require an additional $324,000 ($524,000 in total).

The current owners themselves wish to contribute to the project and have reduced the purchase price. We now hope everyone interested in helping a monastery take root will join us in supporting its purchase. 

Thank you for your ongoing support for this effort to establish a monastery for all of us. 

Please visit our websites jetagrove.us and forestmonastery.org for more information. 


The Board of Directors, Jeta Grove Foundation

Please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website
or by email at board@jetagrove.us
or phone Anna Meigs at (617) 571-5410