The property has been purchased!

The board of directors of Jeta Grove Foundation is delighted to announce that donations coming from near and far have enabled us to complete the purchase of the beautiful New Hampshire property that is now Temple Forest Monastery. We are so happy and grateful to all of you who have contributed in whatever way to help to make this possible.

The closing took place on March 25, 2015 with a payment of 80% of the sale price, and includes a mortgage for the remaining 20% to be paid within two years. Further donations will go towards the running and development of the monastery and to reduce the amount of the mortgage and help with the monthly payments. Private loans – to reduce or replace the mortgage – would also be especially helpful. 

If you have not yet been up to the monastery, do come and visit. It is wondrously beautiful. There will be an Opening Day celebration on Sunday June 28 to mark the monastery’s establishment – we hope you will join us for the occasion if you can.